CHP Fund

A diversified healthcare real estate fund.

We seek to deliver long-term value for investors through exceptional healthcare assets and partnerships.

Cornerstone Healthcare Property Fund invests in core and emerging healthcare infrastructure. The Fund’s primary focus is the market of mid-size medical facilities such as small private hospitals, medical office buildings, and general practice clinics in high demand geographies. We project dynamic growth with strong risk adjusted returns due to our strategy of a blended portfolio of brownfield and greenfield developments.

The opportunity

The unique offering of the Fund is to develop and invest in core and emerging healthcare infrastructure in Australia, with a particular focus on integrated medical Health Hub projects.

In Australia it is estimated that only $7bn of healthcare property is securitised. This equates to 0.30% of the Australian market compared to 14.3% in North America.

We deliver

Our highly prized integrated healthcare facilities tap into increased demand for comprehensive community healthcare that offers an integrated mix of services for communities. This includes a range of services such as medical professional specialists, general practice, radiology, pharmacy, allied health services, and day surgery.

Targeted Asset Allocation

Integrated health hubs focussed on the continuum of care.

We have a particular focus on core and emerging healthcare infrastructure in Australia, specifically day hospitals, sub-acute facilities, and medical offices with primary care.

Our snapshot

Our assets